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Location Matters in Self Storage


When you are looking to rent a self-storage unit, location is essential. The self-storage industry provides the space and units for individuals and businesses to store items. But location is not the only important factor in choosing the best self-storage unit. This article will look at the type of units available and the common mistakes developers make.

Location is critical for self-storage facilities.

Choosing a suitable location for your self-storage facility is essential for two main reasons. First, it will ensure that your customers can easily find your facility. You want a convenient location with good visibility, so select a prime area with good visibility. It is advisable to avoid sites that are located along interstates or on major thoroughfares. They tend to have lower traffic volume, and their proximity to significant highways often compromises visibility. However, choosing a site near an exit is beneficial for both visibility and convenience if you’re in a busy area.

In addition to convenience, location is also an essential factor for potential tenants. Many people become aware of self-storage facilities just by driving past them. You must choose a location close to main thoroughfares and offers easy access to customers through back roads. Customers who need storage will most likely seek out your facility. Ideally, the location will also be close to major shopping centers and restaurants.
Cost of self-storage units

If you’re relocating and need space to store your belongings, you might wonder how to find the best price on self-storage units. While many people move during the summer, demand for these storage spaces decreases in the fall and winter. During these months, you’ll be able to rent a self-storage unit for less money per square foot. The price of the unit will depend on the size and type of the unit. The larger the unit, the cheaper it will be per square meter.

If you’re moving and don’t need to store your items for long periods, you can choose a storage unit with a shorter lease period. Storage Near Me Aberdeen A few providers will allow you to rent a storage unit for a month at a time, and some will offer you the first month free of charge. But make sure to check out the fine print before signing a long-term contract. Moreover, do not forget to ask about discounts and promos. Lastly, keep in mind that insurance is not included in the price of the storage space. Some storage facilities charge extra for insurance and add it to the final price.
Types of self-storage units

There are two main types of self-storage units: internal and external. An internal unit can store small household items, whereas an external one can store large furniture. The size of the self-storage unit depends on the amount of space required. Large units are more significant and can hold the contents of a two or four-bedroom house. Small self-storage units are perfect for storing household items such as a television or books.

Portable self-storage units are another type. Portable storage containers are transported to your location. These units can be filled and transported to a storage facility. Self-storage companies will pick them up and return them to their original location. While these units are convenient, they can be expensive and may take up valuable space in your yard. However, a portable storage container might be the perfect solution if you are planning to move to a new city or relocate from your existing home.
Design mistakes made by self-storage developers

One of the most common design mistakes self-storage developers make is building a facility that is too large. Often, developers mistakenly believe that the bigger the building, the better. In reality, many users are not comfortable with large, four-story buildings and prefer lower-lying facilities. Aside from building in the wrong location, self-storage developers also make the mistake of assuming that a larger plot of land will mean more revenue.

Many self-storage developers make the mistake of not considering the security needs of tenants. These facilities have been targeted by criminals and do not offer sufficient security measures. Aside from installing high-quality doors, a secure perimeter and proper lighting systems will keep people safe. Many self-storage developers also fail to design sturdy storage units and resistant to severe weather. Such units will deter thieves and vandals and make the facility more secure. Developers must also create a balance between small and large units.